September 13, 2019

"After spending $3000. at several different repair facilities trying to get my Saab repaired to no avail and also realizing not only did they not repair it but caused a lot or damage as well due to their lack of knowledge I was fortunate to find Absolute Saab Parts in Ramona. Paul, the owner went out of his way to make sure my Saab was properly diagnosed and repaired in one visit and if you own a Saab, this should be your one stop repair facility in San Diego county to take care of anything you need done. They have restored my faith in repair facilities by their excellent level of service and most important, by the level of integrity they portray in their business."
June 1, 2017

"When I was about to move to San Diego 20 years ago, I asked my local Saab mechanic in Essex, MA, if he could ask his suppliers to check around San Diego to see if anyone could take care of my 92 Saab convertible (the love of my life that brings me so much joy). His suppliers came back and told him that they had actually found a guy who was better than he was. I found this very hard to believe as my old mechanic was incredible. But now, twenty years later, I can tell you that not only is Paul Vail, the owner of Absolute SAAB, an incredible mechanic, but he also has all the parts I could possibly need. PLUS, Paul is a wonderful person, and a good friend. If you have a SAAB in the San Diego area, you Better Call Paul (I couldn't resist)."
June 1, 2017

"We have been going to Absolute Saab for 27 years and have always had excellent service and repair. Paul has a large supply of parts and keeps our car running perfect, over 425,000 miles. We love our Saab, it's so much fun to drive. We will always have our Saab and Absolute Saab to maintain it."
June 1, 2017

"Absolute Saab is an experienced, professional and properly run facility, they have many years servicing Saabs to rely on and they did a wonderful job at a fair price"
April 1, 2017

Knowledge and Expertise

"Integrity, high standards, thorough knowledge and expertise"